The sacred living NOW

Hate and love are two sides of the same coin…PASSION holding them as ONE. Oh, yes. Love has no opposite.


In systematically embracing the shadow of humanity we neutralize all demons and become motivated by love. Demons are only denied aspects of ourselves. In embrace they all come into alignment. Practice holding your arms open to everything.

What does this look like in practice? For me it means following the egoic pains into the body. Chronic illness, again, for me, holds this pain deep in the tissues…healing requires going back and feeling every denied bit of myself…starting with that which my family disallowed. Later society and more significantly psychiatry continued the assault on who I am. I own it all now in spite of being told I was not okay just as I am.

Every trigger from “outside” is an invitation into this pain. If someone triggers us, it’s a mirror of the pain within. If we take the opportunity to go within and feel that pain we heal. As a result, next time we can meet someone acting in less skillful ways with love and compassion and no longer be harmed by them.


Socrates in the house!

“So, according to the evidence provided by our ancestors, madness is a nobler thing than sober sense… madness comes from God, where as sober sense is merely human.” – Socrates – Phaedrus and Letters VII and VIII by Plato


Into the body, into the earth.


Once psychedelic, always psychedelic. You can run, but you can’t hide.


Once in an ideological rabbit hole one has to play by the rules until finding the way out. If the belief system is group-oriented, it’s an imposed set of rules – if you’re a more individualistic type then you make the rules. In either case untying the knots of delusion is the task.

Another way to consider the “ideological rabbit hole” – what flavor is your delusion? Reality tunnels.




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