“understanding” is a problem…if one *believes* they understand they’re likely deluded…the mystery can only be understood by allowing that which cannot be understood to prevail in every moment.    #noself


evil? I understand evil. I’ve worked on the streets among the most vulnerable my entire career. Evil is neglect. That is all evil is. Human neglect of the planet and our fellow sentient beings. We’re all in collusion.


Yoga spot ~ front porch~ in lieu of the grass because it’s raining

Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 1.49.52 PM

lots of yoga posts here


watch the expansion and contraction…watch it daily and watch it seasonally. feel it in the body and know all you need to know. expansion and contraction.  (See more on topic)


In acceptance of our fundamental aloneness, we find our fundamental connectedness.


healing has no morals…it’s survival and evolution….we’re talking lizard brain…healing is the integration of all that we fear in our lizard being with all that which we are in what we generally consider divine like. The divine and the lizard are both what we are! ~ heaven and hell is within.

Once we embrace the lizard…the frightened, hyper-aware being that is the root of our consciousness, we are free! Embrace your inner lizard and be free. That lizard just wants to be hugged.


placebo effect is the body’s innate capacity to heal~ the general attitude of dismissal and disregard is misguided. Placebo is instinct… We know how to heal…follow that knowing and everything done will be just right…pay attention while healing and this capacity gets stronger. (more on placebo)


The human animal has it’s own life. Awareness cannot control or change the story in the ways we might like. It can watch and provide container. We watch and learn about this unique body. With acceptance, in this way, we learn about the organism that is the human species.


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