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Egalitarian “hetero” relationships don’t need to look like God/Goddess (or anima/animus) relationships. They’re not distinctively nor necessarily male and female. Both partners may embody both male and female. A man may be more archetypically female . A woman might be more male. Hetero-normative crap is crap. I see women and men both continuing to try to force themselves into ideals of romance and relationship that really need to be dropped — like two generations ago. At the very least they shouldn’t be universalized. That some relationships fit such fantasy in reality is fine…it’s just not necessarily the norm…nor is it healthy or realistic for everyone. Most of us are much more an amalgam of male and female than we understand. Being whole and healthy is inhabiting both the masculine and feminine in our own individual way. We are all on journeys to do this in our own unique ways.

Carl Jung talks a lot about the marriage of opposites being part of every persons journey to wholeness. Carl Jung’s work on this site



Looking to “frequency” to judge people is fraught with problems. Psychopathic energy is a display of high frequency…thus the capacity to exploit and take advantage. Love sees no frequency and is equally comfortable in the dark and in the light.

The highest “vibration” has nothing to do with positivity. It is simply having the integrity to be with what is actually happening within. Then it all flows and no longer gets stuck. Once we’re in a state of emotional constipation, however, we have to do our time in the crap.



In my deconditioning and detox process a microbiota biofilm of pathogenic material (in as much as it was in excess as well as seemingly encased and amassed) was correlated with the armoring of my emotional self. Healing is amazing and this somatic awareness is simply WILD.

*more on Detox and more on somatic awareness


Enlightened about what exactly? The mystery always remains.

*more on the mystery

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6 thoughts on “Time…it marches on

  1. This is a really good blog. I’m going on my 35th year of marriage and in some ways my SO and project stereotypical male/female roles. I relish nurturing and caretaking roles at times, I also relish also relish cooking but not so much as a caretaker but as a kitchen scientist. I have a curious/creative urge that gets to play out in the kitchen, but I would give my eyeteeth to get out of fixing the plumping or opening the hood of the car. My husband, rightly so, started resisting that physically taxing, outdoor work like cleaning gutters should always fall on him therefore we have been renegotiating household duties based on more equitable factors such as ‘whose back is aching the least this week?’ LOL. I think people including myself sometimes read bits and pieces of Jungian literature (the small segment of his published works that laypeople like myself can digest) see our SO relationship in a particular passage and we go OMG yes or OMG no! It is really important to develop a grounding knowledge that individuals, even celibate hermits have a mixture of male/female and one doesn’t need to be offically in a relationship to actualize one’s anima/animus or male/female energies. It gets really interesting when the relationship develops its own ebb and flow yet continues to evolve, even as the disparate members of the relationship evolve. Thanks for sharing. This is a great topic for discussion


    1. Hi Sarah, I’ve been married a long time too…20 plus years. I have more toxic masculinity in me than my husband does! Our househould roles, like yours, are more divided among the typical gender expectations. I am a cook. I call myself a Kitchen Witch…I get recipes from the ether! We’re all individuals, right? the more we appreciate that I think we end up with more freedom and better relationships that don’t need to think about what is conventional.


  2. I haven’t read your blog for a while, but I am glad I did. Please keep up your fight, as I am trying to keep up mine. You’re always worth reading. Thanks again.


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