Chronic illness, lyme disease, microbiome issues

I’ve come to believe that all chronic diseases are microbiome issues.

Hippocrates said the all disease begins in the gut. The gut, however, is not the only part of the body with a microbiome. We are microbiome. The human being is more micro-organism than not.

The name Lyme Disease is a distraction. Ticks are mostly associated with one bacteria in what is actually part of huge biofilms with multiple pathogens that take over the body. That one bacteria allows for the diagnosis of lyme disease.

Chronic “Lyme” is always associated with co-infections. A lot of people have very serious systemic infections that go undiagnosed due to not testing positive for the “lyme” bacteria. Many go untreated because medicine doesn’t want to deal with the diseases it’s created.

These diseases are ultimately created by drug resistance brought about by over drugging with pharma that destroy the microbiome in numerous ways. Many people do not succumb to the same micro-organisms if their pharma histories are minimal.

Healthy people mock and disbelieve people with these chronic, life-threatening and disabling conditions because the medical establishment discredits people with such illnesses. (mostly, though this is changing in some very small, exclusive corners. If you don’t have money forget getting treated) It’s expensive and difficult to treat. It’s cheaper and easier to deny and let people live in agony without treatment.

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