A return from the dead and more on Tardive Dyskinesia (also Lyme)

Why did I mostly stop writing? Because I was dealing with something I no longer knew how to talk about. Mostly because people really don’t like reading about disability. All the able-bodied ableists who want to pretend that somehow disability must be the fault of the person suffering from it. Yeah. Lots of my readers too. The comments became unbearable and remain that way. I mostly keep them turned off.

I’ve written a few new pieces on my own idiosyncratic experience of TD. I thought I’d share with you Robert Whitaker’s long and well-researched piece. I exchanged emails with him the other day and he also agreed with me that infection might be part of what is going on. I’m getting a bit of traction on my experience of that gleaned from years of tending my body. There is a lot of research going on about how the microbiome and it’s health is at the root of all health. There is no separation between the mind and body as I’ve always said.

My experience of TD is that the blood/brain barrier is decimated by the drugs and that allows for opportunistic infections into the brain. As I have treated myself for Lyme disease and several co-infections I tested positive for, the TD has also been impacted in ways that can only be interpreted as being, also, an infectious process. This is my experience, yes. I cannot prove anything but I will say it with the hope that research in this direction will continue. Certainly there is much research into the microbiome that is showing connection to all manner of disease and illness. It is only medicine and it’s practice that lags dangeorusly behind.

Whitaker’s article is a devastating blow to those who suffer from tardive dyskinesia. Support research and care for everyone. Right now those with TD are throwaways.

Read the article below at Mad in America.


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7 thoughts on “A return from the dead and more on Tardive Dyskinesia (also Lyme)

  1. I had a mild case of TD and we stopped the offending drug but now I can’t sleep and I have taken a sleeping tablet for three days now and it has me worried.


    1. sleeping issues can be part of TD and not everyone suffers from “movements” … sometimes it’s just throat clearing and other odd symptoms.


    1. I’m sorry. The two diseases are very similar. It’s kinda crazy…they give people with TD drugs that then cause Parkinsonianism and they give people with Parkinsons drugs that then cause TD… Hang in there and thank you for stopping by.


  2. I just can’t believe that you have been attacked over these things.
    That is truly crazy.

    Look I know for some people that some psychiatric drugs work because I myself am on an anti-depressant that has helped me but we are also talking low doses not the kind they tend to use in the psychiatric system.

    But from the day my daughter started taking quite a small dose of Seroquel her health deteriorated. she actually began to look a bit green around the girls and her asthma which had been well under control got worse and her whole immune system was put under stress and it also made her hormones surge so that she now has PMDD.

    And we experience the same kind of thing it’s a bit of a victim blaming as though you’re just being difficult.

    Or worse the psychiatrist see that as part of your denial and they are not listening or they tell you they can’t help you unless you take the meds.
    So it’s very interesting that there seems to be a link between TD and immune system problems.

    Anyway thank you for all the work you have done and I’m sorry to hear that you get attacked for this.


  3. Dear Dear, this is just so unfair what you are describing. My heart goes out to you and is afraid for myself as getting ready for another taper of antipsychotic. Fuck ableists! Hugs your way. I will look into ways of contributing a small amount at least.


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