Nutrient dense head to tail eating

I minimize animal products in my harm-reduction approach to life. I also have brain injury and need some. With the shift into fall it’s been more lately. Today for my heavy animal nutrient dense breakfast: organ meats from a whole chicken cooked in butter and sage with 2 eggs on top.

The chicken is being roasted and will be cut up into small portions and frozen for other meals after having some nice and freshly cooked today. (my partner eats like this too) The carcass will be made into bone broth. Head to tail eating as much as possible in this household.

Besides fresh Sage there is ginger, long pepper, and black pepper on these chicken giblets. Topped with two bright orange eggs — whites cooked — yolks remain liquid…maximizing nutrition.

The toast is sprouted whole spelt bread with only sourdough starter and no yeast … the real thing … adding appropriately prepared grains back in has been one of the best things I’ve done for my healing.

Lots of posts on diet on this site

gut health and learning to eat is important to well-being.


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  1. I have often said, if ANYONE should have the moral/ethical/philosophical authority to be vegetarian, it would be ME as a veterinarian, but when I did not include animal protein in my diet, I felt really run-down & awful…
    Still figuring it all out! but I say a little prayer for each of my “health food” sources whether that be fish, fowl, or beast of the fields…

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