Update and great synopsis of nutrients for mental health

I am collecting all sorts of great experience to blog about, but haven’t had time/energy to devote to writing. I promise I’ll get to it soon. Or at least as long as I keep kicking ass with my super ultra-fast taper and don’t start suffering. (I did have a day and a half that was mildly difficult after my second (large) taper, but still over all feeling consistently better than I have in close to a year. Tomorrow I taper again. I’m still pinching myself. And I’m staying busy too!! I have energy. I’m running around and seeing friends and having fun—it’s so hard to believe I start crying sometimes I’m so happy.

I met the director of the facility I considered staying at for awhile. He is who turned me on to the doctor I’m seeing. He is a wonderful guy and his program is really quite impressive—very peer oriented. I want to work with him in some way to bring this treatment to the masses. We will continue our talks.

I have so much to share here, but need time to concentrate and write seriously.

In the mean time I found a great website while I was doing research for my own care. My doctor has welcomed my suggestions from my research and together we make a great pair.

The site I found is a great page on Joan Larson’s website. “The Natural Pharmacy” is an awesome digest of nutrients for treating mental health issues. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to nutrients this is a good place.

Don’t forget to change your diet too!! And visit my “About” page for tips on books and other places to start. At this point I have to say, now that I’ve found a professional that knows what he is doing—it really can be critical to have a professional that knows what he/she is doing with nutritional medicine for complicated withdrawals. It’s been too long and hard a road to get here and I wish I knew how to tell people to find competent professionals but I’m afraid they are few and far between. I can say I’m sold on orthomolecular medicine in particular now, but I went to another woman who claimed such expertise and she was not good at all.

I’m going to pursue this professionally once I’m healthy.

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  1. I wonder if becoming a Certified Peer Support Specialist would be helpful to you in doing such work. All it requires is one day doing WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) training and one solid week of PSS training. Personally, I like to “collect” such credentials even when I’m not actively “using” them.

    Just a thought…and much love and good vibes to you…

  2. This is all good news; and wanted to say[a bit off topic] over time, you’ve talked about caffeine , and I didn’t really think it affected me negatively. I stopped drinking coffee, just didn’t want it anymore. I’ve felt better. It’s the only source of caffeine I use, go figure. I’m going to have to look back at your posts re: caffeine, so thanks for all of this info. Besides increasing my B-12, B-6 and others, I feel good, and on less meds. Considering my personal life, I find it interesting. I also felt better mentally, away from where I live. Though being gone for a funeral was sad in it’s own right; my spirit felt better away from my life junk, and [bad weather] things. I hope you continue such good progress, and I am positive you’ll be booked for appointments when you start consulting others in med removal. Take care, Stephany

  3. I thought the site “The Natural Pharmacy” was very informative. Thanks for sharing your information. Good luck and continued success to you. You are with the right people. Enjoy life.

  4. Exciting news, Giana. You sound like a different person! Well, the same person, but obviously feeling soooo much better. This is great, great news.

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