Side-effects of psychotropic drugs lead to many ER visits

The Vancouver Sun has an interesting article on side effects of drugs being the cause of 12% of ER hospital visits.

I don’t doubt it’s just as high or higher in the US.

Most notable from the article:

Central nervous system medications such as opioid painkillers, antipsychotics for those with mental health issues, sleeping pills, and antidepressants were the types of drugs most likely to cause problems. (emphasis mine)


The 11 international authors of the study said patients with medication-related complaints are more likely to be admitted to hospital beds after they’ve been seen in the ER and occupy those beds far longer than others, a result the authors described as “striking.”

And doctors still don’t wake up to there being a serious problem with these meds!

6 thoughts on “Side-effects of psychotropic drugs lead to many ER visits

  1. Diana,
    I don’t agree that they know what they are doing is wrong…I used to work in mental health and I was one of “them” at one time. Also, I had some nice well-intentioned doctors who fucked me up real good. There are also some really nasty horrible doctors and staff and they too think they are doing the right thing…

    I think the fact that they really think they are helping is scarier though…

    Anyway in general I think we share similar sentiments…


  2. OH, maybe i”m paranoid and need Seroquel after saying this. Maybe we all should stay dense and controlled on these drugs just to help make is seem they really are good for us.

    What would be my diagnosis for saying all what I said in the last few posts”

    Paranoid Schizophrenic with ideas of conspiracy? I’m sure.


  3. I mean, the ER staff is dense – or — just told to keep lying in order to cover doctors butts, keep brining in profits by selling such high cost drugs, and cover a scandal. the ER staff ACTS dense, but they know they are doing wrong.


  4. I think they act so dense, because they are completely brainwashed by all these mental health diagnosis’ floating around in every nick and cranny of society right now. The drugs bring just billions of bucks for the drug companies, that the medical field would not benefit at all by fessing up to the dangers of the drugs, so they continuously and stubbornly refuse to admit it is just the drug the patient is on that is wreaking havoc on their mind. Isn’t this just terrible that the medical field would risk lives and healthy brains just to cover up how scandulous this psychotropic drug industry is, and to also keep collecting high profits for selling so many of them? I am just completely saddened by it, and I no longer trust most doctors, especially the one’s who don’t know how to hide well their lies, ignorance, and even deceit.


  5. The ER staff thinks “here comes another psychiatric patient who needs to spend some time up stairs in the special mental health ward”. It’s exactly what they think and even threaten to keep you if you decide you want to just go back home.
    They are not aware of the drug side effects and only see any complaints as worsening mental status.

    In the US drug side effects have been increasing ER visits-not just psyche drugs. The medical profession isn’t doing their homework on following patients on newly prescribed drugs.Why don’t they read the pharma drug inserts?


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