James Gordon web series revisited

I’ve had a phone conversation with Troy about the Natural Approach to Healing Depression classes.

They’re good people…who did not prepare well enough…and did not look into the different arena’s on the internet to understand that there are different expectations in different places.

For example they will be putting the whole series on YouTube where I told Troy it will probably be a huge success, given YouTubers only expect 5 – 10 minute spurts of information, we on the other hand, expected more.

I have watched one of the next “classes” and it’s very good and well done. It’s an awesome intro to meditation, brief but quite thorough. I’ve been meditating and studying meditation for 20 years, but fail to do it religiously and this was a wonderful gentle reminder of how to start and continue beginning with baby steps.

James Gordon does a very good job of making it simple and uncomplicated. It might be easy for a long time student of meditation to think it so simple that it’s not helpful, but then I think we’ve forgotten the adage from the Zen book—Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind. We are always beginners. And can always learn from simplicity and there was a beauty in the simplicity of how he explained meditation.

It’s clear that Troy is a sincere man and that the problem was lack of research and lack of an understanding of different arenas on the internet. He was very open to my constructive criticism including criticism of the “kit” that was put together rather carelessly—borrowed from another class and therefore having stuff in it that did not relate to this internet series. Troy is doing this as a volunteer and it’s his baby it was not James Gordon idea. I think he may have been a little overwhelmed.  It is something he is doing as a hobby and not as a job. He hopes to make improvements in the future and was very open to my input and would be of any of yours as well.

Anyway, I imagine the classes will continue to be available here where you can still watch part one and I believe part two will be available this evening, though you may have to register to see that one. I know part one is available to everyone.

I do think James Gordon is on to something. I’m sorry the program wasn’t better thought out and planned, but I do believe, after talking to Troy that James Gordon is what I originally thought him to be. Very dedicated to helping people and not after big bucks. And I believe this enough to even encourage your to buy his book because, though I haven’t read it I do think it’s good from talking to several people who I trust now who have. If one has not studied natural alternatives exclusively for the last three years as I have then I think it’s a good place to start. You can, of course, take a look at my about page for further info as well.

So I’m sorry for all the chaos around this issue. We all are learning how to spread the word of alternative care together. And not everyone who has a dream has the means and experience to know how to perfectly market something when they first start out. So let’s move on and I hope some of you will tune in to James Gordon in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “James Gordon web series revisited

  1. It’s live and learn on the net as everything. I expect his next project will be handled differently.

    And Gianna, I’ve got an award for you on my B2BInfo blog, because I think a lot of you and your blog, not that you have to do anything about it one way or another.


  2. Had planned on listening tonight….Hope others do also….

    My thought is that people come to these things at diferent stages and levels, and although I was dissapointed in the first session…I was also grateful that he might have planted some seeds for those just starting out….

    And reinforcement is good too…always a chance to learn something new….



  3. well…I think I’m gonna buy it even though my bookshelf overfloweth with this sort of info…but I would like to see it so I can recommend it from my own review of it…



  4. Gianna,
    Thanks for talking with Troy and taking the time to clarify this. I agree that this was the wrong venue, and the series was also misrepresented on the PR material.

    I think if Troy had been more honest in his emails and on his PR release, it would also have helped. To talk about a group of business people and health educators spending months analyzing online classes, and developing these materials certainly added to the high expectations.

    Having said that, I also don’t believe we should “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” And I’m glad to learn that tonight’s session is better.

    And I do believe that James Gordon’s book is really good. I’ve read about half of it and he’s saying things that few other psychiatrists seem aware of.



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