Total health and well-being

Diet and nutrition has corrected multiple problems for me. A short list of the things that come to mind immediately is:

  • Twenty years of severe irritable bowel syndrome. (I went to dozens of gastroenterologists before discovering my own wellness through my own research)
  • Psoriasis, a horrible skin condition, is virtually gone.
  • My knees which were suffereing from what seemed to be arthritis for several years are no longer painful.
  • My hair is much thicker and shinier than during my whole life. I had incredibly thin and sparse hair. It’s not luxurious even now, but the difference is amazing, striking and visible and palpable.
  • Vast improvement of my endometriosis which I’m still working on. (I still sometimes have bad pain, but it’s much more intermittent)

That I am not well in a general sense physically now is only because I was on neuro-toxins for twenty years. I have literally been poisoned. I don’t know if I can heal or not. No one really knows how to heal that damage. It is not within the realm of normal. I only hope that time will heal me and I continue to search for those who have special knowledge as I am not alone but unfortunately I am among the first of a generation confronting these issues as these drugs have been out only for my adult life.  I share all this stuff about nutrients and diet because I’ve had profound healing in these simple things above. And the gut issue is no simple thing. You have to have a healthy gut to absorb nutrients and thus have a healthy mental life too.

I believe that if you choose to follow what this woman calls the nutrient path before you poison your body with neuro-toxins for two decades like I did you have a chance in hell to save yourself from my predicament. Please think about what you put in your body. You don’t have to put the shit psychiatrists tell you to put in it. And you can choose healthy food and supplements.

Here is an excerpt from Sue Westwind’s blog post from the Nutrient Path. She has used many of the same resources I have. We are all individuals. My sensitivities are different then hers, but we’ve both found great healing in learning to eat carefully and refusing to eat a lot of crap people think they need when it’s only hurting them. Whether that be comfort/junk food or something seemingly healthy that they have an allergy to. There are so many things out there we may be addicted to that we would do much better wtihout. Many of us have no idea that what we eat daily is making us sick.

Mental Wellness the Surprise Bonus of Living Without

The migraines hit more often, lasted longer. Daily I tried to work around the chronic fatigue, stomach upset, achy joints and hormonal hijinks. But the darkness of thought! This I couldn’t dodge. I had no clue that the bitter negativity and self-sabotage of my inner world might be connected to what I ate or drank. Mental health was separate from the flesh, having to do with one’s mettle, or family history. The body did its own thing, a lesser entity than the ever so rational mind.

Then I watched my daughter’s autism improve–due to nutritional strategies we learned from other parents. The disorder was long pegged a tragic, incurable, psychological state of being. Experts once agreed autism was a mysterious, lifelong mental illness, calling it “childhood schizophrenia.” Yet our daughter’s horrid moods and physical distress improved vastly once we changed her diet and addressed nutrient deficiencies, our cabinet shelves sprouting supplement bottles like barnacles on wooden ships.

Could it work for me? (yes it did! read the rest here)

**For most people a combination of supports need to be found and diet is generally just one of them.

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2011 — I discovered I needed a deeper gut healing…even after I got rid of all obvious gut symptoms:  Food as medicine

4 thoughts on “Total health and well-being

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  1. I had surgery ultimately to diagnose…laproscopic surgery

    I originally treated with drugs at age 17 and 18 but have never again used any of the toxic shit they suggest…

    I figured out that was insane way before I figured out psychiatric drugs were insane for some reason—the drugs they use for endo all made me unstable and crazy…

    I’ve had the lesions removed surgically once as well. This is not a cure and it comes back so now I simply try to manage it as best I can…

    I treat it naturally and have for almost 3 decades…

    I’m in an endo support group online…and there is a good resource for natural care here:

    also if you have chronic gut problems you may find many of your mental health issues improving if you address them…

  2. I’m running out the door, so I’ll be back later…Cricket’s taking me to a birthday brunch then a movie.

    I read this post before, and wandered off to google endometriosis. I also have chronic bowel trots and a severe abdominal pain, which had yet to be diagnosed. The only link seen in testing was an ovarian cyst that rupture last year.

    So, it seems they have a tough time diagnosing endometriosis. If you don’t mind, how did they find and treat yours?

    I am so happy you are feeling so much better.

  3. Gianna,

    I find the same thing from eating right, and supplements, etc…
    Amazing actually….

    Ashame the brain takes longer….to heal after psych drugs, but hopefully it gives you hope….one day, you’re brain will be very healthy, and vibrant – alive!

    I think that’s what we all want….to feel….to really experience….to be healthy, and well…..happy, at peace….

    Congrats on all you’ve done to help yourself….in terms of “total health and well-being”….You’re a great example!


  4. Thank you so much for including me on your site! You are a most supportive friend and I deeply appreciate all your mentoring as I find my way with the blog.

    Many big smiles washing over me at this moment…

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