Correnspondence that sheds some light on where I’m at

Dear Dr. So and So ,

I was given your email address by your receptionist so that I can make a preliminary inquiry before arranging a possible consultation. At this point I am homebound and want some confidence that you would be able to help me before I ask my husband to help me come to your office.

I am in the process of withdrawing from psychiatric medications. This has been a long and very difficult process that I have done with the support of my local traditional psychiatrist with faltering support from remote providers with varying degrees of expertise in orthomolecular and integrative medicine. I have also studied this sort of medicine and treatment for the last three years and have accumulated much knowledge in this very sparse field of understanding through working with thousands of others like me through the internet.

I am now at the most difficult stage. In the last 4 years I’ve  withdrawn from 84 mg Concerta, 200 mg Zoloft, 100 mg Seroquel, 11 mg of Risperdal and 400 mg Lamictal. I’ve also withdrawn from 1mg of Klonopin but have 2 mg to go. This is the last drug I’m dealing with. I reached an impasse with increasingly severe withdrawal effects. I am in the process of transitioning from Klonopin to Valium (since the latter has a much longer half life), but this itself is a very difficult process.

I have been advised by a detox center in Florida and a couple of other people in the business including a good friend, that uses IV hydration nutrient theapy that the withdrawal process would be greatly assisted by such. (I already take a range of carefully selected nutritional supplements in both liquid and capsules but there are obvious limitations on how readily they can be absorbed.)

Would you be able to advise me and if it was your recommendation, prescribe and supervise my use of IV nutrients and hydration? Alternatively, if  I decide to consult with an out-of-state doctor who has unique expertise in helping someone in my position, would you be able to liaise with such a doctor?

I have consulted with a couple of different people in the business of using IV nutrients for drug withdrawal and may want us all to put our heads together.

Does it sound like you’d be williing to work with me? I might need some special accomodation as I have great difficulty leaving the house. (like possibly hiring a nurse to administer at home—after of course being in your office to make sure I respond okay)

thanks for you consideration,

the response,

Dear Gianna,

Dr. T  and I have reviewed your recent email. We certainly commend you on your success to date.

We are an outpatient clinic and, by choice, have no hospital privileges. Because of regulatory and legal issues, we are unable to write orders for you to receive IV therapy at your home except with a certified agency and the only agency available locally will not administer IV nutrients. Additionally, our lack of expertise in this very specialized and emerging area in medicine prevents us from being able to assist you.

What I can tell you is that we have had feedback from a patient we referred to the (detox center in CO which has been removed), saying it was an excellent program. It’s inpatient facility would likely address your mobility issues. The contact information for it is: blah blah blah.

Best wishes to you,

Dr. So and So

My response in turn:

I can’t afford a residential program and in general detox centers rush people off drugs in dangerous fashion in any case.

You know what I’m up against here? Either people who ignorantly think they know how to fix me who actually recommend things I know would make me worse like cortisol and DHEA or people like you who get how serious it is and won’t touch me.

I need someone like you who will take a risk with me while acknowledging you don’t know the answers (frankly that makes me feel much safer than those who claim to have the answers in general—because like you said this is an emerging field–NO ONE has the answers) and we can learn together…I can figure out a way to make it to your office at least some of the time if you’re willing to learn with me.


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  1. Gianna:

    Keep trying – I know you will. Some day these people will get it. You are the pioneer, and while that doesn’t take your physical pain away, there are so many of us who appreciate what you are doing. You are paving the way, even in the midst of your turmoil. And how much more can you possibly say beyond telling them you can make it to their office in your condition and that you’re willing to learn with them! If there is just one person on the other end who understand this, let’s hope they have that same willingness and desire to learn and treat you and so many others. I wish this for you so much!

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