Children younger than 4 being electroshocked in Australia

I have no commentary for this atrocity:

CHILDREN younger than four who are considered mentally disturbed are being treated with controversial electric shock treatment.

Medicare figures show the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy has tripled in Victoria in the private health sector alone in six years.

A VicHealth report confirms more than 18,000 treatments were conducted in Victoria in 2007-2008.

Federal Government statistics show the use of ECT – an electric shock delivered straight to the brain – in the state’s private health system increased from 1944 treatments in 2001-2002 to 6009 in 2007-2008.

About 12,000 treatments were performed in the public health system last financial year.

Medicare statistics record 203 ECT treatments on children younger than 14 – including 55 aged four and younger. (read the rest here)

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  1. I am just reading an article on Psychiatry and Eugenics by Anton Chaitkin, published in 1994. It is in printed form, otherwise I would link to it.

    Chaitkin documents the atrocities committed by the fascist forefathers of the equally fascist “modern” psychiatry of today.

    It is an astonishing article in which the author broaches all of the following and much more..

    Brig. Gen. Dr. John Rawlings Rees, and his fellow mind-bending social psychiatrists at the Tavistock Institute in London who use the state and corporate controlled medias to warp public perceptions.

    The brain butcher, “Dr” Donald Ewan Cameron, the MK-ULTRA brainwashing program, and the Search For The Manchurian Candidate (the zombie-assassin). MK-ULTRA spawned Dr Wayne O. Evans, Frank Olson, David Graham, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore, who both tried to assassinate President Ford.

    Allen Dulles, later the CIA chief, was reportedly pleased by Ewan Cameron’s suggestion that each surviving German over the age of 12 “should be given electroshock treatment to burn out remaining vestiges of Nazism.”

    The Nazi “race science chief”, Dr. Ernst Rudin, together with Otmar Freiherr von Vershuer, Franz J. Kallmann, and other mass-murdering Nazi shrinks at the Kraepelin Institute, which later became the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich.

    Charles Darwin, his fascist cousin “Sir” Francis Galton, and the rest of the fascist Darwin family (all of the Darwins were overt fascists). The Darwins founded the Eugenics Societies of England and America and gave birth to the “race hygiene” doctrine. The Darwins also lent their “scientific patina” to the Nazi “race purification” programme, which led to the Holocaust and the Final Solution.

    The bankrollers of the Kraepelin psychiatric murder machine were the Rockefellers, the Loebs (Warburgs), the British Crown, and Harrimans (the Bush family).

    The Rockefeller Foundation defends its record by claiming that its “funding of Nazi German programs during World War II was limited to psychiatric research.” (so that’s all right then?!)

    “Dr” Nolan D.C. Lewis and Franz Kallmann resurface again, but now at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, where they are studying “hereditary degeneracy”, again funded by the Rockefellers.

    It was there at the NYSPI that Kallman conducted forced sterilisations of thousands of schizophrenics and the forced sterilisation of even the apparently healthy relatives of schizophrenics..”to securely eliminate all the defective germ plasma”!

    Writing in the preface to one scientific paper, Kallmann thanked his mentor, the Nazi’s race science chief, Ernst Rudin, and called schizophrenia..”a source of maladjusted crooks… and the lowest types of criminal offenders. Even the faithful believer in liberty… would be happier without those.” He declared sarcastically, “I am reluctant to admit the necessity of different Eugenic programs for democratic and fascistic communities… There are neither biological nor sociological differences between a democratic and a totalitarian schizophrenic!

    The Nazi goverment’s T4 Extermination Unit used Kallman’s scholarly American study as the pretext to the murder of mental patients and various other “defective” people, many of them children. Lethal gas and injection were used to kill ~250,000 under this program.

    “Dr” Josef Mengele and his criminally insane experiments on twin children. Mengele’s horrific work was mirrored by British psychiatrists, most famously in their torture and eventually their murder of the identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons.

    The fate of the Gibbons twins was meticulously documented by the state-approved biographer, Marjorie Wallace “MBE”. Wallace was granted unprecedented access to interview the Gibbons twins for her book, The Silent Twins. Wallace later founded SANE, the highly controversial Pharma-funded mental health “charity” which serves as an odious propaganda channel for Big Pharma.

    “Dr” Winfred Overholser at St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington DC, where hallucinogens were administered to test subjects, to perfect the right mix to produce “a state of irresponsibility” in the subject. See Meyer Lansky’s biography on Overholser’s links to the mafia and organised crime.

    Sir Julian Huxley, Dr Otto Klineberg, Prof. Cyril Burt, Dr. “Hugh Chrichton-Miller, Dame Evelyn Fox, Sir David Henderson, Lord Thomas Jeeves Horder, Dr Alfred Frank Tredgold, Margaret Mead, Dr Paul Hoch, Harold Abramson, Robert Hanna Felix… and many many more…

  2. Fred Baughman, MD (author: THE ADHD FRAUD–How Psychiatry Makes “Patients” of Normal Children) comments on:

    ELENI HALE (Australian journalist), “Child Shock Therapy,” Melbourne Herald Sun, 25 January 2009

    To the Editor:

    The medical profession–in this case Australia’s–that does not rise up in outrage against the abomination of electroshocking children must view itself as morally bankrupt. Here being “mentally disturbed” in toddlers, like everything else in psychiatry, has become a diagnosis. Instead, this is a criminal act and needs being criminalized. It needs pointing out that the bioethicist quoted here, Prof Nicholas Tonti-Filippini has no ethics (where does his income come from?) and that Psychiatrist Paul Skerritt, of the Australian Medical Association who says ECT “rewires” a previously mis-wired brain should be advised that there is no such thing as “rewiring” the brain. The fact of the matter is that there is no physical treatment in psychiatry, all of their drugs included, that do not act on symptoms only, by causing diffuse physical damage to the brain.

    After testifying to the Parliament of Western Australia in June, 2004 that ADHD was a fraud I wrote the Australian Medical Association and several other Australian medical specialty groups pointing out their obligation to speak out forthrightly (to me and, more importantly to the special committee on ADHD of the Western Australia Parliament) on the fraudulent representation of ADHD to be a disease (when, of course, it is not). The AMA (Australia’s) responded assuring me they were to consider the issue after which they would write to me again. They never did. Their medical officialdom seems to have found making “patients” of normal children as much to their liking as does ours here in the US. That I do not dispute.

  3. ??? The article says “14” — your headline says “4”… even so, this is horrible. As you know, I’m a MindFreedom International member, and we are complete opposed to uninformed, non-consented ECT… and a child could not possibly be informed enough to give consent.

  4. Around the year 2000, I consented to Shock “Therapy whilst I was in a psych ward and heavily medicated. Twenty-two shocks later, I was still suicidal, but I couldn’t remember why.

    I cannot recall three years around this “Treatment”, including such major events as 9/11. And no, that is not a blessing.

    It took me several years to rebuild my ability to recall even the fact that I’d rented the same film five times before. I was around thirty-five at the time, so my brain was fully developed.

    It is criminal to impose this on anyone, without their full comprehension of the likely side effects. If I had taken twenty-two pills, I would never have sustained this kind of damage.

    To do this to children is beyond the pale, horrifying and in my mind, medical torture.

  5. Obviously electroshock for four year olds is ridiculous. The data on use of antipsychotics in 3 and 4 year olds was all from freedom of information requests to NJ Medicaid, which means kids in foster care who are victims of abuse and neglect, not childhood bipolar disorder.

  6. hymes: “I bet it is about money.” Yep. One way or the other. Let’s destroy their intellectual capacities, so they grow up to be stupid sheep, easy to manage, easy to be kept down, easy to exploit, and no whatsoever threat to the status quo. – Just came to listen to the Madness Radio interview with Derrick Jensen again, the other day… Too bad, they forgot to shock this guy, and me, and obviously you too, hymes, and Duane, and…

    I like, that they plan a ban on ect for children under twelve years old. As if it was ok to shock children older than twelve years! As if it was ok to shock anyone!…

  7. OMG that is absolutely disgusting! I am shocked and upset (crying actually!) This is even worse than some of the stories in Peter Breggin’s latest book (a 3 1/2 year old whose parents were getting divorced started biting people and saying he hated them– his pediatrician sent him to a specialist who dx’ed him with Bipolar, then he was put on all sorts of meds including antipsychotics and started to develop tardive dyskenesia at the age of 11…)… Why is this happening to our children? Why is society so sick?

  8. Gianna, Thanks so much for the informative post. I am frightened about the direction of treatment with children and diagnosis of major mental illnesses too early in their young lives. Peace, Annie

  9. “Bioethicist Assoc Prof Nicholas Tonti-Filippini supported ECT on children, saying some toddlers were “disturbed”. ”

    You can find a “bioethicist” to say anything. This is horrible. I bet it is about money. It is in the United States. Psychiatrists are incentivized to use ECT because it reimbursed at the highest rate of anything they can do. If a toddler is disturbed you try family therapy and parent education, not torture. It’s as if parents are not related to their children anymore in psychiatry’s so called mind.

  10. “Bioethicist Assoc Prof Nicholas Tonti-Filippini supported ECT on children, saying some toddlers were “disturbed”….

    ….and Duane Sherry said that Bioethicist Assoc Prof Nichola Toni-Fillippini is DISTURBED !!!!

    ….and, needs to go to jail !!!!


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