Bitter Pill—Rolling Stone magazine takes on the atypical antipsychotics

In a very long feature article in Rolling Stone journalist Ben Wallace-Wells delivers what is apparently a very critical look at neuroleptics and big pharma.

I have not read it. I don’t have the attention span right now. I’ll get around to it when I can. I don’t expect to learn anything new but we can be glad that all the mainstream Americans who read Rolling Stone will be exposed to these ideas. And I know a lot of you who follow my blog will find a synopsis of this nature very helpful.

Of note: Philip Dawdy author of Furious Seasons and foremost media expert on these topics was interviewed at length by Ben Wallace-Wells. Ben Wallace-Wells failed to mention the help Philip gave him.

So when you read it, know that many of this man’s insights come straight from my good friend Philip’s hard work these past several years and this journalist didn’t have the decency to give credit where credit was due.

6 thoughts on “Bitter Pill—Rolling Stone magazine takes on the atypical antipsychotics

  1. good shit g…. i got way fucked up on zoloft to the point where i may be doing some prison time. i’m in the depths of despair. i lost everything over that drug and i’m pissed.

    i’m glad i found your blog.



  2. Gianna, you are right, it is important. I just won’t buy the issue off the news stand.

    i don’t see a problem reading it my local library. i just don’t want to give RS any money for it. ….

    But reading it in the library and xeroxing it there… that’s different.

    I should have been more clear…..I think Mercury is still in retrograde!


  3. I understand your attitude susan but this is an important piece and many people will be learning important information through it for the first time.

    I won’t hold that back from my readers.

    I’ve given credit to Philip and everyone who finds this piece here will know who this journalists main source was.


  4. I won’t read it because I think Rolling Stone has gone down the toilet since jan Wenner left and because of what they did to Philip.


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