King County Hospital horrors seen all over the country

Anyone who imagines King County Hospital is a horrible exception to the rule has never been hospitalized or doesn't follow the news. These stories crop up all over the place. Cherry Hospital in North Carolina most recently. Also in the last 2 years Georgia's obscene unecessary death rate in psych wards has made headlines. Psychiatric... Continue Reading →

Wow! Article on CNN actually includes concern over antidepressant use as a possible factor in increase in military suicides

While these incidents are horribly tragic the fact that the excessive use of antidepressants are being considered as problematic is quite astonishing and a promising move forward. These men and women need help in healing trauma. Not using all sorts of pschotropics to try to cover it all up. There have been other reports of... Continue Reading →

FDA Links Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome To Anti-Depressants

This is too important to not note here but I'm going through one of my weakened spells. So read about it on Philip's site.

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