Exercise now prescribed before antidepressants among a significant minority of docs in Britain

Hopefully this trend will continue and it would be nice to know if it's happening here as well. Every little bit helps. Just imagine how many people can be saved from being diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a result of using antidepressants it they simply stop being used! From the The Gaurdian: Antidepressants are not... Continue Reading →

MIND a British Mental Health Charity again speaks sense (Propranolol and trauma)

I've had readers from Great Britain criticize MIND and perhaps there are reasons for this, but I again and again am struck with how nice it would be to have an organization that is seemingly as well organized as MIND to counteract some of NAMI's damage. Here again from Medical News Today MIND's chief exectutive... Continue Reading →

Be Positive—-NOT

This is a piece written by Doe, a long-time reader and friend. She posted it on facebook and I asked if I could snag it for the blog. So here we have a guest blogger post today. Consider for a moment that your aggressive "Be Positive" stance is not as loving and wholesome as you... Continue Reading →

CVS—the new drug pushers

CVS is a major pharmacy chain. I don't believe it's reached all parts of the country so some of you may not be familiar with them. Their new business model includes making sure people stay on their drugs. So now we're gonna get the you gotta take your drugs or you'll die line at our... Continue Reading →

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