Trigger warning—very disturbing video: the truth about eggs

The first one is about a standard hatchery. The second about cage-free eggs. Which you will immediately see it is not at all better. I've heard this before and generally look for local free range eggs in any case, but after viewing these I will be sure to never ever buy cage-free again. I cried... Continue Reading →

Pharmaceutical advertising affects journal publication about dietary supplements

Do your own interpretation of this. Here is the abstract of the study: Background Advertising affects consumer and prescriber behaviors. The relationship between pharmaceutical advertising and journals' publication of articles regarding dietary supplements (DS) is unknown. Methods We reviewed one year of the issues of 11 major medical journals for advertising and content about DS.... Continue Reading →

Meditation increases pain tolerance

And I have no hesitation in believing that this includes mental distress and pain: Zen meditation - a centuries-old practice that can provide mental, physical and emotional balance - may reduce pain according to Université de Montréal researchers. A new study in the January edition of Psychosomatic Medicine reports that Zen meditators have lower pain... Continue Reading →

Xanax (and can we extrapolate other benzos?) intercalates into DNA

Yes apparently it is absorbed into and changes DNA!! How delightful. The abstract from this PDF file containing the study from The Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics is here: Alprazolam Intercalates into DNA (p. 421-430) Abstract In vitro interaction of a benzodiazepine group of drugs Alprazolam (Alp), a hypnotic and tranquilizer, with DNA was... Continue Reading →

A Hero Protects America’s Children from Psychiatric Abuse—Jim Gottstein

Peter Breggin has a new post up on Huffington Post. I must agree with him. Alaska attorney Jim Gottstein has taken the bull by the horns. It's a bull of many terrifying shapes and forms. First and foremost, it is the raging bull of the Psychopharmaceutical Complex that is goring America's children. It's also the... Continue Reading →

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