Grief: It’s complicated

One of the many normal human experiences for which it is currently the fashion to pathologize is grief. I was surprised to find a very reasonable article on Psychology Today's website, which in general tows the party line and generally makes me groan whenever I read their work. The study they report on today shows... Continue Reading →

Prescription for Disaster—Gary Null

This video is about 3 years old. Unfortunately nothing has changed and things perhaps have gotten worse. Do you know that atypical neuroleptics have killed many many more people than Vioxx ever did? He starts this video talking about Vioxx. We need to ask why the most vulnerable people in society are so disrespected that... Continue Reading →

Dumbass quote of the week

In an article from the Philedelphia Inquirer Charles Grassley and the FDA are explored. This article was referred to in one of my email groups. The title of this post comes from the subject line from one of the members of the group, John M. Ryan. He was pointing out a ludicrous statement in the... Continue Reading →

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