Antidepressants of the future—let’s mess with even more neurotransmitters

It may be better to scramble our brains three ways instead of only one or two according to the latest research coming out of pharmaceutical companies. From The Wall Street Journal Health Blog: For Antidepressants, Maybe Three Targets Will Be Better than Two AstraZeneca said today that it’s partnering with the Mayo Clinic and Virginia... Continue Reading →

Feeling blue? Stop worrying… depression is good for you, say scientists

From the Daily Mail in Britain, via depression introspection. An excerpt: There are, they say, more benefits from the blues. Being sad can leave victims stronger, better able to cope with life's challenges, and can lead to great achievements. And their claims may stack up historically with Sir Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Sir Isaac Newton... Continue Reading →

Are drugs used too often? Psychiatric drug info unrevealed

This is a good article featuring Robert Whitaker and Oryx Cohen. The study Whitaker mentions that shows more frequent and sustained improvement among those with psychosis over a 15 year problem IF they were not using meds is a study I featured on this blog. (I now have so many posts I can't even find... Continue Reading →

Selected quotes from a collection of the Sun magazine’s Sunbeams section

A friend and reader of this blog sent me a whole bunch of Sun magazines a good year or more ago. Today I pulled them out and culled some of the best quotes from about half of them. I will do this again eventually with the other half. And now the quotes begin: In a... Continue Reading →

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