Bubble-gum flavored amphetamine for children

There's a new bubblegum-flavored ADHD drug called Liquadd (dextroamphetamine sulfate). Approved by the FDA in March 2008 and manufactured by Auriga Pharmaceuticals, Liquadd is "the only oral solution indicated for the treatment of ADHD for children 3 years and older." Here's the official Liquadd web site What better way to truly get them addicted while... Continue Reading →

“Schizophrenia” recovery — Take these Broken Wings

I did a post a while back about Daniel Mackler's film, "Take these Broken Wings." Marian at Different Thoughts has now seen the film and writes an awesome and compelling review. Here is a taste, but go to her site because not only does she have brilliant insightful things to say she also documents all... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry — by Margaret Cho

This is the first two paragraphs of a piece on Margaret Cho's blog. How utterly and unabashedly human she is. Please read the rest of it. If I ever said I loved you, I meant it. I am not built to lie. There is a hollowness that echoes within when I do. And the cold... Continue Reading →

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