The futuristic nature of psychiatry — scary

Another post on Furious Seasons today made me make this sort of comment: This makes be think of the movie Minority Report where criminals are caught before they commit a crime. And if you've see the movie you know that turns out really bad.

New page “tab” at the top of this site

I've collected many of the spiritual and inspirational items I've put on this blog. Please visit. The tab name is "Spirituality" right at the top with the rest of the tabs. This will be a work in progress and I will continue to add to it as I do most of my tab pages.

Psych Researcher Claims Doctors Using Anti-Depressants Incorrectly, Excessively

An important post at Furious Seasons. Read it.

Nothing I haven’t already said before: ADHD Medication May Lead to Psychotic Symptoms in Some Children

I've talked about this numerous times. So this is just more grist for the mill. I might add this is not unique to children it happens to adults too. In Psychiatric Times: Medications used to treat ADHD in children may lead to psychotic symptoms and hallucinations, according to Dr Andrew Mosholder of the US Food... Continue Reading →

A most important post for anyone contemplating psychiatric drug withdrawal

In a response to a post the other day about the horrors of Cymbalta, a drug which among many other awful things is also awful to withdraw from, as are all psychotropics potentially, I got this comment. I’m working on a taper off Cymbalta, been on it for a bit more than two years, and... Continue Reading →

Puppy in the mirror

Yeah, yeah, I've been needing diversions lately. I'm out or it for several days at a time every time I do a Klonopin/Valium switch so I collect this stuff when I'm feeling better so as to have something to post on my frequent bad days. And I like to laugh!

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