Note: comment link is at the TOP of the post

If you are reading my posts from the home page, the comment link is now on the top of the post which is a flaw in this template. It may appear there are no comments when there are or alternately you may not realize you can leave a comment.

So look at the top of the post if you want to leave a comment.

My readership has gone way up while comments have gone down. This seemed to start happening before this change in templates but someone pointed it out as a potential problem so I thought I would call your attention to it.

Thanks and please continue to leave comments when the spirit moves you!!

3 thoughts on “Note: comment link is at the TOP of the post

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  1. I believe it is too soon to tell whats going on.
    You have two kinds of commenters, the regular reader, and the “just found blog” reader who comments. As the Beatles said “Let it be.”

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