Light posting for the next week and a half

Come this afternoon one of my dearest and closest friends with whom I’ve been friends since I was 18 will be coming out to visit me from California. She will be here until Wednesday evening. Then on Friday one of my co-workers from my new job will be visiting as well. He will be here until Tuesday the 14th.

I am by no means functional enough to engage with guests all day long every day. No not at all. And often when I feel particularly anti-social in the real world is when I do my best research and writing online. However, given I will need lots of energy for the amount of social and work activity I will be doing while I have guests, I’m thinking that even when I’m not engaging with my friends I am going to take somewhat of a break from my heavy online commitments.

I do have 15 posts saved up that will be scheduled to post automatically. They are mostly simple and brief. But some of them are real gems! So there will be updates to check on but there won’t be the same quality of breaking news items and as much attention to comments etc.

I may, indeed, find time to do some up to the minute posting, but I am only going to do that when and if it feels comfortable. That goes for responding to comments as well.

Just so you know when I’m busy or when I don’t feel well I give priority to responding to 1) urgent issues and 2) new commenters.

The rest of you are probably already used to me sometimes ignoring you, but I’d like you to know that with comments on this blog, on the social network and then all the emails I get it becomes very overwhelming and I simply can’t always respond to everyone, though I love getting all comments and emails!!

4 thoughts on “Light posting for the next week and a half

  1. I hope you really enjoy the time with your friends – I’m really starting to remember how much they can mean to me!


  2. thank you Sandy!!
    My saved up posts are simple and mostly inspirational in nature and for the most part involved no original writing…so it will be a change of pace for my readers as well as for myself….

    you’re quite right to wonder if I’ll actually be able to slow down and not continue posting…I’m certainly wondering…I’m a bit of a workaholic…but it feels good…I’ve never had such passion before!!

    thanks for stopping by!


  3. Gianni,

    Your life sounds unbelievably hectic and exciting right now. I hope you enjoy all your company, your new job and, I hope, feeling well. I also admire your having 15 posts “saved up” – what an accomplishment. Since your posts are always newsy and often quite rich and complex, I hope a slight reprieve from the unceasing rhythm of your writing is beneficial. Refreshing. As a “newcomer” and “subscriber” – although I always find them enlightening – it will be invigorating for you to slow down a bit, if you, indeed, can. We will miss you, if indeed you miss a day, which I doubt.

    Thanks for letting us know. As a blogger, you are one of my inspirations.

    Take care,


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