Severity Of Post-Stay Depression in ICU May Be Predicted By Use Of Benzodiazepines

This of course comes as no surprise to those of us who have suffered at the hand of benzos. Especially those of us who have only taken benzos. These docs should be querying us—they would learn sooo much!! We KNOW that benzos cause depression in a good percentage of anyone using benzos not just those staying in ICU!

From Medical News Today:

Psychiatrists and critical care specialists at Johns Hopkins have begun to tease out what there is about a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) that leads so many patients to report depression after they go home.

In a study reported online April 10 in Critical Care Medicine, the Hopkins researchers say several factors predicted symptoms of depression six months after hospitalization among very sick ICU patients, including a high level of organ failure and being given relatively high doses of a benzodiazepine sedative. (emphasis mineread more here)

Note: if this is your first visit to this site be aware that it is dangerous to withdraw quickly from any psychotropic drug including benzos. Visit the about page at the top of this page for information and direction to additional sources of research to withdraw safely. Your doctor, even if well-meaning, may not know how to guide you properly. Be prepared to advocate for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Severity Of Post-Stay Depression in ICU May Be Predicted By Use Of Benzodiazepines

  1. Your right it did say “up to” 75mg. Thanks for clarifying dosage strengths. I’m sure you heard before if I would have been that smart I wouldn’t have been so stupid as to start taking this. It makes getting off Zyprexa look like a walk in the park. Enjoy your blog take care.


  2. 75 mg would probably be Valium which is the weakest benzo—for example 2 mg of Klonopin is 40 mg of Valium…so I wouldn’t read too much into that…also I think it said “up to” 75 mg but I don’t remember and don’t feel like looking right now…

    in any case 75 mg of Valium is only 3.75 mg of Klonopin


  3. The article says they were giving them 75mg per day of benzo’s. My God and they only suffered from depression? I’m having all kinds of fun just getting off 2mg. Am I just more sensitive to this drug (Clonazepam) or is everybody having a great time too getting off this crap? Just counting the days and hangin’in there. I still find it incredible that this is so widely perscribed.


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