“Environment-related disorder” —- Social commentary from the Simpsons

In a recent episode of “The Simpsons,” Lisa Simpson is diagnosed with “Environment-Related Despair” and given a prescription for a drug called Ignorital. The doctor says to Lisa, “Let me show you how Ignorital works.”

A very brief youtube is here:

For the whole episode you can watch it on hulu tv and it’s worth watching. It’s 22 minutes long but if you just want to watch Lisa skip to the second segment. I’m not a big fan of animation or the Simpsons, but this is social commentary worth considering.

Hat tip: Dr. Bonkers

8 thoughts on ““Environment-related disorder” —- Social commentary from the Simpsons

  1. Philip and I once got attacked in one fell swoop by another blogger whose name I will not repeat—why send traffic to her??

    in any case, yes, Philip coming to one’s defense is a lovely thing!! He blasted her and she actually apologized about a week later.

    In general when I am blatantly attacked I ignore the attacker…it tends to make them go away in most cases…at least eventually…I’ve had a couple of stalker types, but with good solid ignoring they too went away…


  2. Oh brother he never wastes time attacking me, did it on health central and Philip defended me on his blog demanding a public apology from McManamy (Furious Seasons Oct 07 archive, ‘bipolar child fight breaks out’)McMan’s ego precedes him and his removal from health central was a good one in that regard, he is pro-pharma, and pro-med, and anyone writing anything not that way in his mind IS antipsychiatry. (that means all “of us”)


  3. i saw the simpsons piece a while ago….it really bothered me. While “Mother’s Little Helper” , ( the Song) never bothered me , this piece on the Simpsons did. And several seasons ago Bart was diagnosed with ADD and took a pill called “Focusin” which made him a genius.

    There will always be bullies. You have to beat them at their game. Take a good look at why little boys bully. There really isn’t a big difference between little boys and big boys

    Hang in there Stan, Gianna and Marian. You all have friends you don’t even know about who care about you guys.


  4. Stan: I read McMan’s piece more as a critique of Ty Colbert than of Gianna. Basically he says, that Ty Colbert has no clue to what he’s talking about, since there is what the mh system labels “reactive psychosis”, a psychological response to life events, and then, as something completely different, namely a true brain disease (NOT), there is “schizophrenia” – which, of course, has got nothing to do with the “schizophrenics” life experiences, and simply has to be treated with “meds”, that stabilize the imbalanced brain chemistry (NOT). Otherwise the “schizophrenic” person ends inevitably (NOT) up a criminal and in jail. And since the “meds” aren’t without side effects, it is crucial to, razor-sharply, distinguish between these two very different (NOT) conditions.

    It’s the usual “If you recover and don’t need meds, you’ve been misdiagnozed”- respectively “Just wait and see, it’ll happen again!”-bs.


  5. yes I was aware of it, thank you…i left a response in the comment section a few days ago

    …he sent me a link to it when he printed it.

    I don’t get the impression he was attacking me though we clearly see things very differently. (meaning me an Mcman)

    And while it’s true he has attacked my friend Philip.


  6. http://knowledgeisnecessity.blogspot.com/2009/04/beyond-meds-is-there-answer.html

    Johnny Boy McPimp is at it again; this time attacking this blog. It appears if you have any criticism of psychiatry or the medication modality, or may have ever read or might think about reading @ Furious Seasons Blog. Then this fraud and con man McPimp has Big Bad Ego Trip to cast at you.

    This is OK though; Since Johnny Boy has come up with his own new DX called “A-Hole”, which fits pretty well considering he’s in pretty good company with Big Pharma friends, and his Pals Biederbutt, Jamison, Goodwin, Nemernuts, with the regular gang of the criminally insane.

    Just thought you’d like to know.


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