FDA approves new antipsychotic for schizophrenia — Fanapt

As you know drugs that get approved for Schizophrenia quickly get used off-label for everything. Risperdal was on the market only for one month, approved for schizophrenia, when it was given to me. That, of course, was truly the beginning of my hell journey on meds.

So we need to be aware of this new drug, Fanapt, and keep an eye on it. Info at that link.

Please read commentary about it at Furious Seasons.

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  1. ” Fanapt™ is a mixed dopamine D2 / serotonin 5HT2A receptor antagonist, ….. ”

    That’s All anyone needs to know, to know that Fanapt should Not have been approved.

    Even with Senator Grassley deciding to Remain on the Finance Committee, there’s just no getting ahead of this out of control Federal Agency. And it won’t matter Who gets put in charge of it with a rough half a $ Billion every year in Industry User Fees funding it. No one can walk past that pile of money day in and day out without noticing it, and then stopping to salute it.

    FDA keeps flooding the market with these toxins, the casualties mount up, and then 10 years later the State Attorneys General have to move in to clean up the FDA created mess.

    When the Constitution is actually Amended to provide for an FDA, then I’ll believe FDA actually has any legitimacy. We’re Stuck with it for now, but a concentrated letter writing and phone calling campaign can At Least take that pile of ‘Kiss My Butt’ PDUFA drug money off their table.

  2. I had a closer look at it here: “In choosing among treatments, prescribers should consider the ability of FANAPT to prolong the QT interval and the use of other drugs first.” All in all, this drug seems to me about just as “safe” as clozaril… Maybe that’s why it took them two attempts to get it approved.

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