Confessions of an admittedly evil drug rep

From reality blurred last year:

At one point, Corinne insisted, “I have no moral compass.” The most damning illustration has to do with her (now former) job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, where she said she knowingly sold drugs to physicicans that she knew would kill people. “Selling drugs is a lie. I sold drugs that I knew damn well—I sold Vioxx for Merck before it got taken off the market for killing people. I knew damn well it was dangerous; I went around telling them to write it. There’s a lot of serious lying I’ve done in my life,” she said.

That’s okay, Corinne told me, because “I’m doing a job. For me, in that case, Merck told me to go out and sell drug even though I had hesitation about it. It’s not for me to say. … Don’t listen to me. Read your fucking journals. Why the fuck are you listening to your rep? Just because I’m pretty? You think I know more about the drug? No.”

Likewise, for Corinne, being on Survivor Gabon “is work; I’m trying to make a million dollars. It really doesn’t matter. I hope everyone gets injured; I don’t care. Just not me.”

If you want to go listen to her talk, (which I did not–I got plenty disgusted and didn’t want anymore) you can go to the bottom of the article here.

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  1. she is truly horrible, but I’m glad someone from the inside is asking the doctors why the hell they listen to these pharma reps! I know with all of my sales skills and prowess I would make a killing in pharma sales but I refuse to do it… I’ll earn my money the honest way, even if it takes me years and years… but someone needs to hold doctors accountable for listening to these people. Once you’re feeling better I’ll tell you the nightmare story my friend had with Effexor and Pristiq… all because her doctor got taken in by a smooth talking rep…


  2. She is horrible but
    “but I’m glad someone from the inside is asking the doctors why the hell they listen to these pharma reps! ”

    She said it herself….why don’t the doctors read the journals.



  3. I wish I could have such a positive view of doctors as you Gianna… really, they have a lot of power and status in our society, much more than those of us labeled. If they really wanted to make a change, they could. My cash-only psychiatrist was $300 for 15 minutes, put me on Risperdal within 5 minutes of meeting me, and was just… terrible. Made me feel like a crazy person. My new pdoc is not so greedy, gives me 30 minutes, but he still believes the party-line biopsych crap, and I get so upset- for days- after listening to it, that I just have decided to limit seeing him to once a year.


  4. Yeah, some are great. My OBGYN, for example, was amazing. I have had lots of experience with docs- from the age of 2 years old on, due to a physical disability, and most of my experiences have been… not so great, on a personal interaction level. Still, a lot of those docs DID help me, and for that, I am grateful. I am not finding the same level of help in the mental health profession. I have found a few holistic psychiatrists but of course, they don’t take insurance, and are cost-prohibitive for me.


  5. Cassi

    How come prescribed meds that kill you are okay but self-meds are not? I really think I was better off with the cigarettes. I’m glad I took myself off the Zoloft. But I sure do miss the cigs. I wonder if that’s why I feel panic and want to cry all the time.


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