Very entertaining and fascinating diversion

Mystery Clouds
Mystery Clouds
More mystery clouds
More mystery clouds

To read about what these clouds are click here.
And it’s hard to believe but apparently they are not photo-shopped.

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  1. Wonderful stuff! I had the experienced this one time and thought the world was coming to an end but – apparently – these types of formations do not produce thunderstorms. Still very cool to experience.

  2. I was thinking about how amazing it would be to see those skies in person. I know photos don’t do justice to the whole 3-D experience.

  3. I was just telling someone about this! The roiling nature of the clouds is a little disturbing. The planet Venus was very much like Earth until runaway greenhouse effect transformed the atmosphere into an impenetrable storm. Just because they don’t cause storms now doesn’t mean they won’t do so later. Scary scary scary.

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