Quote of the day — seeing anew

mysticalGive yourself a second, a third, a fourth chance to see something anew.  Having a new perception and subsequently changing one’s mind is not wishy-washy, it is being flexible, and flexibility is intelligent. – Cheri Huber

One thought on “Quote of the day — seeing anew

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  1. I have always put myself down for being wishy-washy because, I changed my mind and opinions frequently. I’ve always valued my being open minded as a good quality. But, there was something else going on for me, I did have trouble standing my ground out of fear of being wrong and hurting someone’s feelings. I always made space for everyone else to be, not me which is common female conditioning.

    I’ve had to find balance as I got older. I learned that strong and certain is not “mean,” it’s being who you are. Being flexible and willing to learn has served me well, like Cheri said, “It’s intelligent.”

    This stood out for me because I just got Cheri’s book “Depression as an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth.” I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened it up, that it was hand-written in big, easy to read letters with plenty of white space. My eyes aren’t so great anymore so this will be a treat.



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