Troops are over-medicated

From Truthout:

“The troops are overmedicated. We see it all the time. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been more serious, especially since the November 5 shooting,” she said.

Thomas said counselors sometimes have to drive GI’s to their appointments and to the base because they are so heavily medicated that they cannot drive themselves. Many have chronic migraines that keep them from driving, she said.

“On average, most of the soldiers I have talked to take 20 to 25 medications per day and some look as though they are in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease; some actually stumble from their meds,” Under the Hood counselor Matti Litaker said. (rest of article)

Bolded section my emphasis.

Clearly the troops are being abused in all sorts of ways. Drugging them silly so they don’t feel the understandable pain of war is adding insult to injury. It seems to me that feeling pain after war is normal. But these people don’t get a chance to grieve and heal.

A good piece by a veteran is here.

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