Up for a Dosie award?

I have never heard of Dosie awards but learned today through Susan at If you're going through hell keep going, that we've both been nominated for "best patient or caregiver blog."  Go vote for whomever you like if you feel so inclined. So will I forever be a patient from now on even though I... Continue Reading →

Making Peace with Auditory Hallucinations

An excerpt from Clinicians Digest from Psychotherapy Network: Recent trends in therapy, especially those emphasizing mindfulness, encourage clients to turn their attention toward, and accept, emotions or "parts" of themselves that may initially seem frightening. Although that approach isn't new—Gestalt therapy advocated this years ago—the prevailing view has been that encouraging psychotic people to acknowledge... Continue Reading →

Madness Radio: Violent Voices Erica van den Akker

People who hear voices are no more violent than anyone else -- but what about the small number of voice hearers that do actually commit violent crimes? Are medications and locked wards the best way to help those who act on their aggressive "command hallucinations?" Dutch psychologist and Hearing Voices Movement member Erica van den... Continue Reading →

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