Story-telling in the Age of Corporate Medicine – by Robert Whitaker

Story-telling in the Age of Corporate Medicine (or more on being called an AIDS denier) As a journalist, I long have been fascinated by reporting on the storytelling forces within American medicine that create societal understanding of the merits of its treatments. I write about this in my new book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, and... Continue Reading →

Friday reading…

Friday Links: Yelling At The Universe | The Tao of Chaos -- Sometimes it just feels like no matter how hard you try, you’re getting nowhere.  Doing the same things over and over again, getting the same results.  Even when you think you’re trying something new, it turns out to be something old. (website currently... Continue Reading →

Some of the senators in Florida are really fighting for the rights of kids in foster care

The senate in Florida are talking about the rampant drugging of children in foster care. This is a nation wide problem that is being focused on in Florida because of the suicide of a young child in foster care who was grossly overmedicated. These senators will hopefully influence the rest of the country in questioning... Continue Reading →

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