The story of drug money dominating psychiatry in the Lancet

The Lancet has a piece this month on the history of psychiatry written by Andrew Scull. I don't have a paid subscription so I learned about it here. From there I found that Mind Hacks did a little piece about it too that I somehow missed. In any case this is an excerpt that I... Continue Reading →

Do you compare yourself with others?

The conceit of self (mana in Pali) is said to be the last of the great obstacles to full awakening. Conceit is an ingenious creature, at times masquerading as humility, empathy, or virtue. Conceit manifests in the feelings of being better than, worse than, and equal to another. Within these three dimensions of conceit are... Continue Reading →

Thursday media madness…

More for your daily reading: Hypotheses, Scientific Evidence and On Being Compared to an AIDS Denier -- Robert Whitaker, Psychology Today -- In today’s Boston Globe (April 14), Dr. Dennis Rosen, a pediatric lung and sleep specialist at Children’s Hospital in Boston, reviews my new book, Anatomy of an Epidemic. He also posted this review... Continue Reading →

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