In Medicine, The Power of No vs Psychiatry’s Massive Over-treatment

Published with the permission of Vera Sharav of AHRP. She sends out an email with these informative articles on a regular basis. I'm sorry about the strange formatting. Often have trouble when transfering from an email. And I did all sorts of stuff to try to get it straight too. The article: New York Times... Continue Reading →

I’m a finalist in the Dosie awards

I need you to vote again! Let's make the radical blog win! Thanks for voting for me in the semi-finals. I'm sorry I didn't realize at the time I posted that there was yet another round of voting. So one more time, lets bring attention to the reality that there are indeed alternatives to psychiatry.... Continue Reading →

Some musings on the nature of happiness

I was thinking of the nature of happiness the other day. I attempted to find a quote by Socrates on happiness because in high school I was very inspired by a movie I watched in my "mentally gifted minor" class (I don't like "gifted" programs, all kids are gifted if we cater to them instead... Continue Reading →

Wednesday media madness links

Good reads: Growth Needs Context - Fable - Good Fables -- Context is positive if it affirms possibility and capacity. Positive context leads to useful behaviors. Positive context promotes attunement to the present state of mind and body. We can have positive context for negative circumstances and scenarios: the assumption we should flee in the... Continue Reading →

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