Thursday media madness: more psych related news

Robert Whitaker: 'Anatomy Of An Epidemic': Could Psychiatric Drugs Be Fuelling A Mental Illness Epidemic? On Huffington Post now too. This book is #1 in psychiatry on Amazon right now. Keep spreading the word. Let's make it a best seller. People must know about what this book is about. Can You Stomach Gluten? How Giving... Continue Reading →

And I thought my Lamictal withdrawal was from hell? What I’m dealing with now is much worse: post benzo withdrawal

No doubt the Lamictal withdrawal was from hell, but this benzo withdrawal is far far deeper into that realm. Yesterday I wrote this to my benzo friends. The only people I can speak this way to directly and assume I will be immediately understood. I'm premenstrual and everything is amping up again. I can't even... Continue Reading →

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