Psych related news for the day…(updated)

UPDATE The Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America -- By BRUCE E. LEVINE Brilliant review of Robert Whitaker's book Borderline Gifted, ADHD, or Both (and, Well, Something about Dandelions) | Every Day Life -- Are we treating our gifted, creative kids like dandelions? When they pop-up in our lawns (classrooms) with their bright faces and tenacious will to fulfill... Continue Reading →

A woman with a real curiosity about the mind…Doris Lessing thoughts on schizophrenia

Doris Lessing, Nobel prize winner an excerpt from the linked article: "I have a rather fanciful interpretation about schizophrenia, which is probably nonsense, but it might interest some people. It is that this self-hater part of ourselves, the conditioned conscience, is usually disassociated and is just sitting there ready to pounce. Then, then some Our... Continue Reading →

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