A New Approach To Mental Health

From WildMind and Talk Radio News Service this sort of thing is where real healing is at: In places like Sudan, in the heart of Africa, the local doctor does not have the option of prescribing psychiatric drugs to patients, as the cost would be prohibitive. Most people there have some type of post-traumatic stress... Continue Reading →


A facebook status update by Kimmy Sanger: Psychiatry? They listened when we describe how we felt, how we feel. They observe for days, weeks, years. They write articles, give lectures on what we tell them, about how it effected our lives then and even now. They wrote books, built hospitals, founded organizations. Everything we say... Continue Reading →

The Revival of the Market for Benzodiazepines — By Robert Whitaker,

This is a piece by Robert Whitaker that was written for the benzo community and published by a friend of mine in this newsletter on a benzo withdrawal support website. I received permission to reprint it here. One of the topics Whitaker's new book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise... Continue Reading →

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