Update on release of Crooked Beauty, gorgeous documentary film

I posted about this film a while back. I generated quite a lot of buzz in my world and that is saying something when comments are turned off! People still found me to talk about it.

Here is the video excerpt again:

I heard from the producer today and this is the latest news:

I’m writing to touch base on the progress of my film and hope you post some info on your web/blog site.

First, DVD’s will be available in late August right here. (*See ‘Purchase’ Link)

Secondly, we’ve been quite busy screening the film and conducting workshops in a variety of contexts, from jails to classrooms to theaters, each time inspiring much conscious dialogue around personal and social transformation, and the ethics of representing madness in media and documentary film.

University film and psychology departments, mental health organizations and treatment programs, grass roots communities, and any related networks should feel free to contact me regarding presentations and workshops: kenpaulrosenthal@hotmail.com

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