Another longish tweet ramble to share…

I’ve shared two tweet rambles from the past. Today I’m sharing another one from a couple of days ago. See here and here for the last two and some commentary on my tweet habit.

I do twitter as a low impact social sport since I can’t really talk much these days, nor am I able to do much correspondence through email due to how my brain and body work while sick with the acute post benzo withdrawal syndrome. I’ve found that twitter satisfies my need to interact with human beings without the stress and pressure most other forms of communication seem to have. It’s been a wonderful means for me to stay engaged with the broader world.

Here are the tweets. These are different in that they originated in a direct message (private twitter chat) that I then shared at large:

  • I worked in community mental health for 15 years. I’d rather have no professional care-honestly. Mostly we just need ppl who know how 2 love
  • ____________
  • we have a sick society and those who care for people are often not a whole lot healthier, sometimes less healthy really…
  • ____________
  • I like Krishnamurti’s quote “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” The “sick” are often the sensitive
  • ____________
  • The “sick” are the canaries in a coal mine…honest in their inability to tolerate the toxic society

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