Minnesota Woman Says “No!” to Her Forced Outpatient Electroshock

This simply should not be happening, EVER.

From yesterday, MindFreedom is starting an action to help stop a woman’s forced electroconvulsive “therapy.” Almost two years ago Mindfreedom along with supporters helped stop Ray Sanford’s forced “treatment.”

Let’s make that happen even faster for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth K. Ellis and her husband Robert

Elizabeth: “I have never believed in electroconvulsive therapy!”

By coincidence: Today is the first of 2 days of FDA public hearings on shock device

by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

This morning, Elizabeth K. Ellis, 67, of Moorhead, Minnesota was supposed to wake up extra early.

Her husband Robert was supposed to drive Elizabeth the five minutes to a mental health clinic in nearby Fargo.

And Elizabeth was supposed to have another court-ordered involuntary outpatient electroshock.

It would have been her 18th forced shock.

Supported by MindFreedom International, Elizabeth and her husband Robert (see photo above) stayed home this morning, rather than endure another forced electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). They’re terrified the mental health system may retaliate.

For online action YOU can take to support Elizabeth, and to read her story of resisting forced electroshock, see BELOW. (go to mindfreedom here)

Today of all days, is a good one for this couple and you to say “no” to forced outpatient electroshock.

For the first time in 70 years, the US government is considering regulating the electroshock device. Today and tomorrow, the Food & Drug Administration is holding public hearings in Gaithersburg, Maryland about whether to finally investigate the ECT device for safety and efficacy. A number of MindFreedom members are testifying. For news and testimony from the hearing as it arrives check here.


Support Elizabeth Ellis!


Please email the new Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton:


Sample message (your own words are best):

“Please investigate the involuntary outpatient electroshocks of Minnesota resident Elizabeth K. Ellis, 67, as reported by MindFreedom International. Please make sure the mental health system does not retaliate. Support Elizabeth in finding human alternatives to forced ECT! Please reply.”

Include your contact info.

For more information on Elizabeth  go to MindFreedom’s site.

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