Antipsychotics increase risk of heart disease

This fact is of course obvious if one stops and thinks about the fact that antipsychotics, more appropriately called, neuroleptics (since they're used for all sorts of things and often do not stop psychosis), cause metabolic syndrome in a very large number of users. The fact that the drugs cause diabetes and obesity is widely... Continue Reading →


Anyone who has experienced grief can testify that it is more complex than mere despondency. “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear,” C. S. Lewis wrote in “A Grief Observed,” his slim account of the months after the death of his wife, from cancer. Scientists have found that grief, like fear, is a stress reaction, attended by deep physiological changes.

Newest additions to the Marvelous Mental Medicine Show at Bonkers Institute

From the Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research Some new vintage pharma ads: Her family was bewildered and She needs an agent to brighten her mood and improve her performance and They hide frustration behind conformity and Adorable then... deplorable now Enjoy!

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