Veterans and the cocktails of psychotropics endemic to all of psychiatry sometime cause death

Another disturbing story about veterans who are overdrugged when they come home traumatized from war. May I point out that it is not only veterans who are heavily drugged like this. Anyone in the mental health system today is subject to this sort of care if they fall into the hands of a doctor who... Continue Reading →

Medication Optimization, Choice, and Alternatives: A Statement from Peers in the Consumer/Survivor Recovery Movement

This statement was coordinated by Laura Van Tosh, Will Hall of Portland Hearing Voices, Amy Zulich, and Ann Kasper. Initial endorsers include Lauren Spiro and Oryx Cohen. We are people with lived experience of mental health hospitalization, including diagnosis and labeling, voluntary and forced treatment, as well as traumatization, poverty, and homelessness. We are concerned... Continue Reading →

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