The many faces of Prozac

From The Bonker's Institute: Marketed under hundreds of brand names worldwide, including Felicium in Austria, Grinflux in Italy and Hapilux in Greece, fluoxetine is available in beef-flavored chewable tablets for dogs, mint-flavored syrup for children and attractive pink & lavender capsules for the ladies: The many faces of Prozac for quite the photo montage at... Continue Reading →

On Adam Ant: fame, depression and infamy

You've been away from the music business for so long. Why come back now? ‎"...I was on a lot of anti-depressants, which I now know I'm physiologically allergic to. I had to get my health straight, so I said 'look guys, I don't feel I can do it'. So then I went away and, with the help of my GP, I very gradually came off that particular drug. It took me six months to get it out of my system and I'm pleased to say I feel kind of better."

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