The Compassionate Brain (FREE online course!)

Thought I’d share this opportunity with you all. Rick Hanson teachings are wonderfully simple and profound both. This should be a really great course and it’s FREE.

Several of the people joining him for the course are people whose work has inspired me. Some of them I’ve mentioned on Beyond Meds.

Dr. Rick Hanson presents a FREE seven-part video series—The Compassionate Brain—that explores effective ways to change your brain and heart and life.

Each week Dr. Hanson will be joined by a world-class scholar/teacher, including Richie Davidson, Dan Siegel, Tara Brach, Dachar Keltner, Kelly McGonigal, Kristin Neff, and Jean Houston. They’ll discuss different ways to use the power of neuroplasticity—how the mind can change the brain to transform the mind—to open the heart, build courage, find compassion, forgive oneself and others, and heal the world.

Can’t make a live session? On-demand streaming videos will be available a few days after each session’s conclusion.

CE credits are available for this FREE Online Event Series! (go here for more info and to sign up)

Rick Hanson also has a book that is a collection of small everyday and every moment practices to build our “Buddha Brain:” Again, I love the simplicity of the exercises and that you do them while living your life.  Just One Thing: Developing A Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time

I get his Just One Thing newsletter to my email weekly. They’re simple thoughts and practices that one can add to their lives one at a time.

Rick Hanson posts many of his brief practices at WildMind too if you don’t want to get another email coming to your inbox go there.

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