Red wine poached apples. #foodie Friday

We don't eat dessert often. When I do make dessert it's something like this. These are really delicious as well as beautiful and wholesome too. The red wine makes for a delightfully striking look, but you can use brandy instead, too. I actually prefer the flavor with brandy, but you can't beat this red color and honestly it's pretty close in terms of yumminess too. Of note, all the alcohol is cooked out of this so there is no alcohol left in it by the time the dish is served.

Info on food allergies: they can affect body & mind both. #foodie Friday

A synopsis of how food allergies work. (food intolerances is really a better word for it! but the term allergy is used pretty much everywhere) Most people with food intolerances have no idea they have them. The only reason I learned about my own is because the impetus to become healthy became so great I started doing lots of research about healing naturally. It's not worth becoming as ill as I did before finding out if they effect you at all. If you feel at all crappy in general it's worth finding out if what you're eating may be part of the problem.

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