Benzos: a short video — “it really is that bad”

"Unless you've been through it, it's impossible to know how bad it is."

A plea to prescribing physicians and psychiatrists: please help us heal

This is not to be taken lightly. Many people come off meds with relative ease. Some of us, though, become crippled with iatrogenic illness. You will need to educate yourselves. Once you start making it be known that you can help -- those of us who've been seriously and gravely harmed will start appearing on your doorstep. Most doctors never see (or recognize) us because once they deny our reality those of us who understand what has happened to us don't hang around to be further abused. The doctors then move forward believing we don't exist and spread that dangerous misconception to other doctors. It creates a treacherous world for those of us who are very ill with nowhere safe to go.

BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks

This is about our children, our lives and everything. It covers trauma too. Trauma is associated with almost all that gets called mental illness. We're building the connections of the future right now and how human beings interact via the internet. This is BIG. Be mindful of what we let into our brains. Strengthen the good things in life.

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