Terror wants to be integrated

Another little blurb from Facebook which I ran with:

embraceTerror wants to be integrated, just like rage. If we’re not feeling fear and anger at the state of world something is wrong. Feel your feelings. Let them move through you. This practice will aid in allowing you to become who you are.

We block our feelings to our detriment. Our entire society is complicit in this…

This quote makes me think of an article I often think about called, You can’t heal what you don’t feel, by Nicole Urdang. The truth of that simple statement runs deep. And it often runs through my mind now as I find my way through the maze of discovery from having been drugged for decades.


and another wonderful article by Robert Augustus MastersDon’t give fear a thought

More exploration of fear and anxiety on Beyond Meds: Fear and anxiety: coping, reframing, transforming…

After I put this post together I saw this quote on twitter. It fits so I’m tossing it in here too:

One cannot be deeply responsive to the world without being saddened very often. — Erich Fromm

In other words our emotions are responses. Sometimes they get seriously backed-up from lack of attention…that’s why it’s a lot of work to come back into alignment with the present. Hence meditation and other contemplative practices do come in handy.

In general this blog supports embracing all our emotions. That is how we come to know who we are. The whole spectrum of our emotional lives are of value. It’s a shame that we learn to call many of our emotions negative and in keeping with that we try to numb them out in various ways, including with the use of both legal and illegal drugs. Addictions that numb can also  take the form of many behaviors and habits as well.  It is in resisting our shadow or difficult parts that those emotions we fear grow bigger! That is the ironic paradox.

Feel your feelings.

To be clear learning to do this may take some training wheels. Kindness is important too. Be kind to yourself and others who need a hand. We don’t learn these skills as children when we should, so we need to grow up the little child in us with tenderness.

For more ideas about coping with fear and anxiety in particular see this page from the navigation menu:  Fear and anxiety: coping, reframing, transforming…

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