Befriending fear

I’m reposting this video and teaching with Jack Kornfield and Catherine Ingram.

This video is in keeping with my practice of being with all that arises within. Fear here can be translated to “anxiety,” which is the clinical term for fear which everyone at one time or another experiences with or without a diagnosis of some sort of anxiety “disorder.” Psychiatry pathologizes much of the normal human experience and fear and/or anxiety often referred to in Buddhism as such. Normal. There are techniques to learn how to be with these normal feelings, whether they’re very intense or not.

Catherine refers quite explicitly about those of us with traumatic histories that might include abuse etc. This way of being with ourselves can help heal most anyone.

And boy does protracted psych drug withdrawal open the floodgates of fear and terror and trauma, like nothing else. It’s not like anything natural that occurs before drug damage as those of us gravely impacted discover. But even with this sort of iatrogenic damage I’ve found that the best solution is to treat it like all the rest. I’ve decided that in the end, it’s the same thing as though on steroids.  For more info see: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

We must start with wee baby steps when the iatrogenic drug damage is at its worse. Be kind and gentle with yourselves. This is how I got started:  Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure

The video footage is awful — the soundtrack isn’t in synch with the speakers. I suggest listening without watching. That allowed me to be with the message more effectively.


For a great article on embracing all that arises within your psyche revisit Jayme’s healing practice that she entitled, How I deal with mental breakdowns”,  one of my all time favorite posts on this blog.

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