Why Society Drives You Mad (and not your genes so much)

Clinical psychologist and vocal critic of psychiatry Richard Bentall reveals why social inequality, racism and the built environment have a far more significant role to play in mental illness than the biomedical establishment acknowledges.

This basically breaks down the epigenetic link–that being that while genetics may have some bearing on what gets labeled mental illness,  ultimately the heritability quotient has little to do with whether such distress develops because the environment is so critical.

Richard Bentall: Why Society Drives You Mad

So, other than romanticizing the rest of western medicine which I believe one does at their own peril, Richard Bentall’s arguments are generally well-worth considering. I’ve found western medicine in general to be rather risky. You really need to do research for all medical conditions. Most medications for any sort of chronic issue are grossly over-prescribed and can cause iatrogenesis of various kinds.

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