Chanting OM

omRecently I’ve been listening to some lovely audio files by Music for Deep Meditation. Specifically a whole album of songs that take one through the chakras while chanting OM.

It’s been phenomenally heart opening and beautiful and intense and healing. Listening to this ancient sound while in meditation seems to assist in the grounding and revelatory experience both. It’s clear many folks find these sounds helpful. I’m coming to appreciate what gets labeled “hypersensitivity.” In this instance it’s a lovely and profound grace to be able to utilize what might also be considered “sound therapy.” I call it learning to live well. With this body and these capacities.

I am learning to embrace my experience in this body. I’m grateful today for that which is often considered a negative. Sensitivity can be a wonderful gift.

Here is a taste of something similar to what I’ve been listening to. Enjoy.

If this particular sound isn’t for you, find something that is. Sound heals.

I do recommend headphones.

For a large collection of meditation music see here: Music for Deep Meditation

This is the actual album I have: Chanting Om – Meditation On the 7 Chakras (Improv Version) & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy, The Science of Nada Yoga

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