Autoimmune issues manifest in many ways affecting both mind and body

autoimmuneAutoimmune issues manifest in many ways affecting both mind and body. Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are autoimmune issues…there are many others. My own experience with autoimmune disease suggests that psych drugs exacerbate these problems…(hence the phenomena of some of the very serious protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal issues which deeply affect the whole body and mind rendering many completely disabled)

The below article discusses a study in which auto-immunity is considered among those with the label of schizophrenia. Autoimmune disorders are likely implicated at least in part in a lot of cases of all psychiatric diagnosis as far as I can tell.

It’s my opinion, based on lived experience and helping 1000s of folks come off psych drugs, that many people can heal from these issues at any time. Healing may be complex and people may need a lot of support but it’s possible. At this point though we’re largely on our own while supporting one another because the mental health system is largely ignorant about such aspects of well-being.

Remember we are holistic beings and EVERYTHING MATTERS! 

I wrote the above in response to seeing this article from New Scientist see: Autoimmune attack behind some cases of schizophrenia

More info to help one find their healing path:

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